2018 Player Registration and General Information


The Erie Saints is a travel basketball organization that was formed in 1995. Our purpose is the continued development of girl’s basketball in NW Pennsylvania. We stress skill development in practice sessions and participate in regional tournaments that provide the best competition available. We are extremely proud to be part of the phenomenal success that has been achieved by area high school teams. Many of our former players (over 80 since 1996) have also earned college scholarships. For the 2018 season, the Saints plan to have separate teams in age groups 5th Grade through 11th Grade.

Team Size

Each Saints team will have a maximum roster of 10 players.


The Saints follow the AAU age eligibility guidelines (which generally align the age groups with the school grade of the athletes).  The coach for each age group will contact all registered athletes to advise them of the exact dates, times and locations for the try outs.

Try Outs

Try outs will be held according to the following general schedule. The exact dates and locations will be communicated to all registered athletes, as they are determined. The differences are due to the timing of the school basketball seasons in the various age groups. All players try out for the team (former players are not guaranteed a spot on the team).

5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade

February / March
February / March
March / April
March / April
March / April

Games / Tournaments

The tournament season will run from March through June for the younger teams and April through July for the older teams (9th – 11th Grades). Each team will participate in 7 tournaments (including the Saints tournament).


The tournaments (generally held on Saturday and Sunday) are in Pennsylvania and neighboring states (Ohio, NY, and West Virginia). For the older age groups (10th & 11th Grades) we also travel to college exposure tournaments (possible locations - Washington DC, Cincinnati, Chicago, Richmond, VA). A parent volunteer for each team coordinates all arrangements for family lodging. Car-pooling and room sharing to reduce cost are very common.


Practices are held 2-3 times per week (as scheduled by the coach).


Players can register for try outs by mail, by e-mail (eriesaints@aol.com) or this web site (Online Registration Form)

No refund policy for participation fees if a player opts to
separate from the team after 30 days from the payment due date.

Erie Saints Privacy Policy

For additional information, please call Jeff Orlando
Phone: 814-602-3035